Which Casino Games Can Be Beaten in the Philippines?

Most people believe that casino games also known as the game of chance highly depend on luck only. 

If you have a good day, you will win, and if not then you will lose! The reality may end on a different note. Yes, you guessed it right. 

There are many games of chance that can be beaten! Having said that it gives rise to a new question: Which Casino Games Can Be Beaten? 

So no more searching, thinking, and stumbling guys! Let’s dive in and find answers to this ever-arising question of ours. 

House Advantage vs Gaming Skill

Many players think that the house has an advantage which makes things difficult, here one is already losing half the battle because if you think about losing you never win! 

So first believe in yourself that I can win, the rest will be history most of the time. 

One golden rule to remember is that luck can go here and there but your skill of playing won’t. So with lots of possible options to win, concentrate on the games you can beat. One can play offline casino games by visiting the casino physically and online casino games by visiting the websites like JILI777, MNL777, and MNL 168 and enjoy Casino Games Can Be Beaten various options. 

Which Casino Games Can Be Beaten: The list 

With good options to offer casino games that can be beaten could be an easy catch for somebody who is skilled enough to challenge the house advantage! The various are:


A favourite game among the players one can use different strategies to play this game. 

The first important thing to remember here is that the player should choose a single zero roulette which ultimately reduces the house edge.  

Always use small stakes. This Will keep the player safe if a loss occurs. Always choose a double-player game and never play alone. Avoid playing systems.  Never invest in the next game dependent on the previous outcome. 

  • Blackjack

This game can be easily beaten if you are skilled enough in card counting. 

This may not be an easily digestible feature for the casino. After all, they do not like to lose their money anyway.  

A way to deal with it is to maintain low stakes and no show-off that can make you visible in the eyes of the casino.  Never visiting the same casino every day is another good point for not drawing any attention!

  • Poker

This is another game that can be beaten if played well. This game can be played against other players. 

In this the casino does not take a direct part rather they take a particular percentage of the win. When competing with other players there is a fair chance of winning. Several times people are mentioned as playing this game professionally to make a living 

  • Craps

This game highly depends upon where your dice fall. But a surprising factor is that there are players around you who have mastered the physical dice control. They can let the dice fall how they want! 

So next time if you hear random falling, ignore it!  Just remember those skilled players.  There is research and books to prove this. The skill might not be easy to master but once done it can be rewarding for always.  Good dice control provides an edge over the house. Rest practice will tell you the results. 

  • The slot games:

One after mastering the skills of the game can beat the slot games too.  Although it can be difficult in comparison to other games mentioned, that does not make it impossible. Once the player learns the strategies like which days are best to play or what number of slots should be chosen he can have an upper hand on the house.

The Bottom Line:

As discussed above Which Casino Games Can Be Beaten provides an insight into the possibility of winning against the house. One just needs to skill various strategies thoroughly. With skills, there are games that can help you win profits!

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