What are Social Casino Games in the Philippines?

Driving away to a totally different direction from how the traditional casino games were played and accessed, the concept of Social Casino Games came into existence. 

The way these games are played makes them different from real casino games. One does not need to visit the casino settlement to play these games. 

Which makes it a convenient gaming option. Online casino games can be played on mobile phones by downloading apps or by reaching different websites like JILI777, MNL777, and MNL 168 offering these games. 

In this article, we will discuss: What are Social Casino Games and the various aspects related to it. 

What are Social Casino Games?

Social casino games are often referred to as free-to-play games; as they copy the real money casino games the only difference is that one does  not need to use real cash or playing and for the payout. 

So here arises the question of how does one play these games in the absence of real cash? The answer to this is virtual currency. The players play solely with virtual currency. Social casino games are one of the most sought types of social gaming.

Social casino games copy traditional casino games which include various games. 

Many social games come with tactics for gameplay in order to offer something new to the players. 

Another differentiating feature apart from not paying anything to play is the virtual stakes from the credits the players receive after installing the game. 

Are Social Casino Games Popular?

Social Casino Games enjoy vast popularity among the masses. These games are most sought after by those people who look for casino games for fun and entertainment rather than making profits. 

These games are played by both men and women. These games have seen good popularity, especially after the pandemic outbreak. 

Why Do People Choose Social Casino Games for Playing?

There could be different reasons when it comes to choosing Social Casino Games for playing. To mention some:

  • Offers Convenience: 

First and foremost these games offer convenience as one does not need to visit the casinos physically rather everything is available on the gadgets one has. 

The players do not need to leave their ease and can play these games from anywhere they feel like as per personal place of convenience. Convenience helps casual gamers convert into loyal gamers. 

  • Help people connect:

These games are designed in a way that multiple players can connect together at same time and play. There are chat functions provided in these games so that the players can vertically enjoy playing the games. There are games in which players can compete against each other. Many times friends connect to play these games. 

  • The competitive environment:

The competitive environment also motivates the players to play these games. Presence of various features like tournaments and leaderboard etc. 

keep the players engaged and captivated in addition to providing zeal in order to compete and win from their rivals. 

All this retains the players for long hours as they stay on the platforms to perfect their games and make more wins.

  • Entertainment:

With these games, one gets a full dose of enjoyment without worrying about using real money.  When the users win it is not heavy on the pocket of the app publishers as they anyway gain when people buy their apps.  Which as a result gives more chances for the user to win in comparison to the real casinos. 

Another merit it holds is that the good winning chances keep the user going for multiple sessions and keep them captivated for more time in single duration and for later times too. Above all the video imitation provides the player with a real game feel which is overwhelming. 

Social Casino Games: the different types?

Social casino games come with numerous options to offer. The players can choose out of these as per personal interests and can enjoy and have fun. The different games are:

  • Blackjack
  • Poker
  • Roulette
  • Slot machines
  • Scratch-and-win lottery tickets
  • Multiplayer card games

Slot Games are the favorite among all:

Slot games enjoy a high level of popularity in comparison to other games among the players. Although this cannot be denied that many game providers are coming up with blended games to attract more players. With more fan base these games become more popular and as a result bring more profits to the providers.

The Bottom Line:

As discussed above Social Casino Games come with various merits that motivate more and more players to play these games. People play these games at ease by choosing the places they feel comfortable at. 

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