How to Find the Best Casino Games in the Philippines

Casino Games in the Philippines have a past from the 16th century to boast of. 

Nowadays these games are backed by law which allows people to become a part of  the casino games without any fear of penalty or punishment. 

As casino games are legally allowed  in the Philippines, certain laws have been formulated and given to people by the  Constitution that provide guidelines to the people and abstain them from indulging in activities that can be devastating at times. If not followed properly one has to face penalties and even punishments sometimes! 

Turning Casino Games Into a Legal Affair: 

Towards the end of the seventies Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation formulated various rules and regulations for proper functioning of the gaming industry. 

Before that all such activities were considered illegal as casinos were not licensed by then. But once a set of guiding rules was there to guide and keep things safe, licences were issued to run casinos legally. 

When everything was sorted and classified legally there was a rapid growth in the number of casinos which was easily visible. 

This has turned into an advantage for the tourism industry too as more and more tourists reach the place to cater their interest in casino games. Working positively for both the industries.

Today there are many casinos legally running in The Philippines. Which makes things quite easy for the people interested in casino games.

How old to play casino games?

As maintained by rules first and foremost it is illegal to play these games before a certain age. Then the question arises that one should be how old to play casino games: the answer is 21 years. 

So before reaching out to it one must fulfil the age criteria. Otherwise things could be a little difficult if the case falls the other way. 

How to play Casino Games in The Philippines?

A question may always arise: How to play casino games in The Philippines The answer is that these games could be played in both online and offline mode. 

But these days being present online provides a better edge. As the online games can be accessed from anywhere rather than visiting a specific place. 

So anybody interested can choose according to their own preference although both options are available.   

Casino games backed by the Government:

Many games are regulated and supervised by the centralised government agencies in the Philippines. These agencies especially regulate, supervise and issue licences to casinos and other gaming spaces.  

The regulatory body PAGCOR was created to cater the requirements of the government, which will be helpful in keeping a check and overruling any chances of foil play. Presence of the governing body keeps everything checked and chances of foil play decreases many fold. This body works for the government as a single entity governing all the fields connected with the casino gaming industry. 

At a larger level games of chance generate certain revenues which later are used to fund various socio-civic projects. One other aim of this body is to keep things fair as far as possible. 

As the government can not have a direct involvement in these settlements the agencies do it and keep things sorted. 

Another government agency called the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office organises and conducts number games in the form of sweepstakes and lottery games. 

The main motive behind this whole exercise is to raise funds for different welfare programs. Winners of different games are given cash prizes. The main thing which various agencies supervise is discipline.

Casino Games Easy to Win: 

When it comes to testing one’s luck in casino games, results could be disheartening many times. 

But then there comes the rescue, Casino Games Easy to Win. One can always choose this option and get entertained. Some options are:

Online slots, scratch cards, and online roulette etc. these are simple casino games easy to win. Not many tactics are required to play these games. 

Another good option is  the art of poker. If one wants to win, mastering this game is always a plus.  


As discussed above Casino Games in the Philippines have found new heights towards the end of the 70’s with legalisation of casino games. Which tries to keep the process under regulation and check. 

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